City Location Wallpaper Design

I love easy, simple art, especially when it can serve a purpose. I again got inspiration from the greatest website ever, Pinterest. I swear, Pinterest saves the day. I decided to make cute simple wallpapers with a city location, their country and coordinates.  This was done on Adobe Illustrator and all I did was play with the typography and voila. I will be doing more cities in the meantime, so there will be variety.


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Beach Print Design

I am a big fan of going to the beach, especially when there is no one there and the waves happen to be rough and cold.  It’s an euphoric experience when it is just you and nature. You feel connected and with the world’s energy. To feel the rush of water to your feet, the feeling that you are drifting in the sand, the sensation of be in pulled in. That’s what I live for. This was designed in adobe illustrator. The picture was one that I took in Melbourne Beach, Florida and added a filter on it, which can be viewed on my Instagram, Beatriz_Cintron. Added a gray border and had the type the same color. Added a quote and voilà! Easy beach print that looks uber cute.

Definition of Love Wallpaper

Pinterest is an interesting place to lose oneself, especially with the boards for recipes, art and D.I.Y.’s. So after perusing the boards, I came across these lovely quotes and artwork and was inspired to create my own. The easiest was to create based on the word “love”. I used Adobe Illustrator and played with the type sizes and found the definition of love, created a border with the same color as the font and in the words of Staples “that was easy”.

3-D Circle Design

I swear I come up with simple designs and this one was one of those. All I did was created a gradient background with white and light gray, placed white circles around the Adobe Illustrator artboard, copied the circles and made the same gradient pattern like the background, laid purple and gray circles on top of the white circles, copied those and did a gradient pattern and laid them on top of the colored circles, added my logo and TA-DA! Simple to recreate and better yet, it looks 3-D.

geometric print-06

Simple Black & White Design

This one probably took me 10 minutes tops. It was super easy. I created a square art board on Adobe Illustrator, created a black circle and made random lines with the pen tool and just arranged them the way I wanted to and that was it. Super easy and super cool.

Gradient Sunset Design

This is another design I made inspired by the sunset. This one was fairly easy to do. I created this piece on Adobe Illustrator. Took a rectangle and sampled sunset colors to create a gradient. Then, did the same to two squares that I created. Added some lines, squares and circles, plus my logo and created a cool piece. Not much to say because this one was very easy to create.

geometric print-04

Geometric Brand Design 

What do you do when you are stuck in a Doctor’s office and you just so happen to have your laptop with you? You create stuff lol! I went on this geometric kick the other day and I must say, it looks awesome if I do say so myself. I did this particular print on Illustrator. I use the pen tool to make triangles and laid them out like a mosaic around the artboard. Then, I picke picked color family and created several gradient fills to fill the triangles in. Then made a transparent circle in the middle and slapped my name in it! It does take a while to do the triangles, but this is a relatively easy project to do.