Birth Announcement

I did this recently for a good friend of mine who has had a baby. I swear, she is the most adorable thing on this planet. My friend is a big supporter of my designing and wanted me to create a birth announcement for her, which I agreed. She sent me a picture of her, her husband and their baby, which was a tiny bit saturated for my taste, so I went into Photoshop to adjust the saturation and brightness. I wanted to soften the picture since it will be for a birth announcement. I bounced between Illustrator and Photoshop with the announcement part. It was a simple design and the colors were chosen because my friend’s theme for her baby was teal and coral. I composed the mermaid art in Illustrator, but the final composition was completed in Photoshop. She loved it very much and released her birth on her Facebook page. I also did another announcement for her, which I will also post another time. But here is the final product:



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