Fifty Shades Darker Book Jacket

Ahhh… Fifty Shades. I know I’m a bit late posting this, but I created it when the movie was being released, so ha! This was a project for a Vector Illustration class that I was taking and the task was to create our own book jacket in Adobe Illustrator. Since the Fifty Shades movie was being released, I decided to create the book jacket for it. I took sample CMYK colors from the original book, to keep it as authentic as possible. I created a gradient background, created text about the book, the author E.L. James and an excerpt. All text is in Typewriter font, which is used in the books when Anastasia and Christian would communicate via email. The whip took the most time, obviously. I took a picture from Google Images and used one as a template. Then I redrew it in Illustrator with the Pen tool, using gradients to fill in the individual leather pieces, to create a shiny effect. Also using shapes for the other parts of the whip and filling them with gradients. Overall, this project came out very well, so well that I got an A on it!

Be naughty 😉



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