Fifty Shades Darker Movie Poster

“Another Fifty Shades themed thing?! She must be a freak!” No comment…

This project in particular was assigned to me in a Digital Imaging course, i.e. Photoshop class. We had to take a movie poster and place our face in it, took look as if we are the actor or actress. I decided to do Fifty Shades Darker because this was around the time that it was being released. We also had to do another poster for a different movie, which I’ll discuss in another post. This project was made in Adobe Photoshop. I googled and found this poster to edit. I loaded it to Photoshop, along with a selfie I took with Anastasia’s expression. I cropped out my face, lowered the opacity to match the eye positioning to the original poster, matched the tones of the poster to the selfie, which was in full color. Then, I added shadows to my face and blended my face to the hairline and Voila! This is a very simple project that anyone can do and it was a fun project.

Happy cropping!

CintronB_FamousYou_50 Shades Darker Poster


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